Riding tour in Japan

This tour starts on Saturday and finishes on Saturday (7 nights, 8 days, 6 days of riding)

* Except for the 1st week of April during the Sakura Festival where we will start on Friday and end the following Saturday. (8 nights, 9 days, 6 days of riding and Sakura Festival)


Day 1: arrive at Japan International Airport and transfer to Fukuoka Airport. Please confirm your arrival time at Fukuoka Airport so that we can arrange to meet you at the airport.

Transfer to Hotel (Dinner will be included )


Day 2: After breakfast transfer to the airport and take a public bus at 10:35 am to Kurokawa Hot Springs with your guide Saori. (She is the daughter of Horse guide Mr. Miyamoto)

Hotel shuttle bus comes to pick you up. On the way to your hotel we will stop by a local restaurant for lunch. Check in at the Hotel Resonate located in Asokujyu National Park. Saori will explain how to use Japanese public hot tub etc.

We ride for two hours in the afternoon. Enjoy the view of Aso Mountain range.

Dinner will be full course European style at the hotel.

 Enjoy and relax at the Hot Springs bath. There are public and private baths.


Day 3: After traditional Japanese breakfast transfer at 9:30 to the stable and start riding out for two hours.  Lunch will be at the local café called BoiBoi.

After lunch we will ride for two more hours.  The Japanese National Park system is very different from the US and other countries.

It is very difficult to ride horses in the National Park without support from the local agriculture community. We will be traveling in one of the biggest National Parks in Japan and are lucky to be supported by the local community.

15:30 go sightseeing at Mount Aso.

19:00 Dinner will be full course Japanese style at the hotel.


Day 4: Breakfast: you can choose traditional Japanese or American style breakfast.

Your riding guide Hiroshi Miyamoto’s family uses a lot of Samurai tradition and this morning you will have a special experience wearing Samurai Armor while horseback riding.

Whole process takes 3 hours.  Don’t forget your camera !

Afternoon we are going to leave for sightseeing Okajyo (Japanese Castle) and local town.

Lunch and Dinner: you will dine at the local restaurant Izakaya and discover real Japanese foods and enjoy Japanese food culture.


Day 5: moving day. After breakfast at 8:45 you leave the hotel and travel to the stable for a 4 hour ride (including lunch). Around 13:00 transfer by car to Yufuinn where there is a famous hot spring village.

Take 1.5 hour. We are going to stay at a very traditional Japanese ryokan called “Uraku”.

Enjoy Tatami floor, Futon, Matcha green tea and gorgeous dinner and breakfast.

Welcome you with Japanese Green tea (Matcha). You can wear Yukata (like Kimono) walking down town Yufuinn.

Enjoy the most traditional Japanese dinner and Hot Springs.


Day 6:  After breakfast you take a local train at 9:07 to Hakata escorted by Saori. Transfer from the local train to Togo station.

You will be picked up by a shuttle bus and transfered to the hotel Hanawarabi.  After checking into the hotel, we will stop for lunch at the local noodle restaurant. Ride for two hours at Genkainada beach for sunset.

Dinner will be at Hanawarabi hotel where you can enjoy the local seafood.


Day 7: After breakfast, last day of riding. We are going to visit Munakata Grand Shrine on horse. The Divine Rescript is the command of the Sun Goddess called Amaterasu Ohmikami.

The Sun Goddess commanded the Three Goddesses of Munakata, prior to the Imperial descent to Japan.

It is said they should help generations of Japanese Emperors, and at the same time let themselves be revered by the Emperor profoundly.

Thus, the Sun Goddess taught the Three Goddesses of Munakata that reverence for the Emperor Family is equivalent to prayer for the prosperity of the Nation. (This is written at Nihon Shoki)

This last ride takes 4 hours and gives you an unforgettable spiritual experience.

Return to Hanawarabi hotel and enjoy the warm bath and Farewell Dinner with local seafood.


Day 8: After breakfast we are going to transfer through the local train to Shinkansen (Bullet train) station for farther travel around Japan or head back to Fukuoka airport.

Escort by Saori.